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This gallant pigeon is 100% Alistair Hogg breeding from Hofkens 351 (Sire of West Tip) x dtr Sebo (Sire Anniversary Girl) x Dtr National Express

Alistair Hogg of Sunny Lofts, Winchburgh, nr Edinburgh is renowned for achieving excellent results across the globe, in both One Loft and overseas domestic races.  Here are some of his achievements:

1st “Ace” pigeon reported from Romania, Aripi de Curcubeu, Same pigeon was 13th

semi final 300km, 21st Final 505km,   2015
1st RO National Bulgaria 3990 birds racing  in up to 30 degrees of heat! 2015
(see picture)
1st Semi Final Balkanic fair play race, Romania 2015
1st Prize Croatia from Neptune, Son of Top scheele breeder Regal who is also father to

“Regal Lad”
1st Bacau, Bulgaria 922b 2015.
8th Final Race WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2015
15th Ace pigeon WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2015, Also award for special Ace same race.
5th Prize final Transylvania 2015  is 50% Alistair Hogg blood 2015
1st Prizes reported from Billy Wallace from Cork 50% his Golden Pair that’s 100% Alistair Hogg blood.
1st B'rlad 1208b Bulgaria Domestic racing for B.O’Sullivan 2015
7th Final Carnival City Alflight race South Africa for Don Thomson
2nd “Ace” pigeon Kalimanci after the full series of  Races 2014
17th  Final Race WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2015
3rd Open final Turkgucuermeydani, Turkey Race by fancier in Romania sire is bred from “Regal Lad” x “Sally” 2015
1st,2nd,3rd 1324b Ramnicu Surratt-Club Bulgaria 1324b  domestic racing there 2015.
Ace pigeon results 15th, 41st, 56th, 73rd after all Race’s WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2015
11th, 65th, 81st Race 1  WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2015
10th, 11th, 20th Race 2, WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2015
11th Race 4,  WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2015
3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th Vrziceni-club 1377b domestic racing Bulgaria for fancier B. O’Sullivan

Alistair Hogg, Edinburgh - Champion One Loft Racer