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Leonard & Deridder, Arklow, Republic of Ireland

Sheldon Leonard & Yannick Deridder truly deserve to be called Pigeon Kings and National Treasures as they are not only fantastic pigeon men but also entrepreneurs within the pigeon sport.  The partners feature in one of our 2018 DVDs 'Irish Gold'.  They came to our attention through a mutual friend, Chris Williams, who has been our scribe for some time now.  The partners have clocked up 2 x 1st Nationals in 3 days. 1st National Skibbereen and 1st National Barleycove were won in their first season of racing together!  The winning pigeons 'Bolta' and 'Herbie's White Kittel' are fantastic pigeons, the quality of whom have to be seen to be believed. 

Yannick has also been busy bringing out his own 'Flanders Finest' pigeon corns and products which have been proven to produce winner after winner in Belgium.  Corns are already available to purchase from Sheldon's shop and products will be available from the end of April 2018 onwards.  The partners are never still, always working to improve, and are truly an inspiration, both in the way they approach breeding and racing, but also in the indefatigable way they approach business and life. This makes them true Pigeon Kings and, for anyone lucky enough to meet them, outstanding National Treasures.

The partnership is just that; a True Partnership, with Sheldon and Yannick both bringing skills as excellent racers, stockmen and pigeon fanciers to bear.  All the boxes are ticked, with nothing left to chance and this is how they have achieved their superb results.  They also have the Flanders Collection pigeons to thank.  Yannick and fellow Belgian Bruno Vandenbrande bought pretty much the whole loft of Dirk Van den Bulck back in 2013 before Bulck became a household name in the UK.  The Flanders Collection partners have not stood still since then, purchasing numerous fantastic winning pigeons from top fanciers in Belgium.  They do not settle for second best, which can clearly be seen upon visiting Sheldon's lofts in Ireland.  Yannick and Sheldon have together formed a breeding programme called FBI (Flanders Breeding Ireland) where Flanders Collection pigeons are skilfully crossed to bring about the very best long-distance pigeons, ideal for the arduous journey across both the English Channel and the Irish Sea.  Their top-quality pigeons are primarily housed above Sheldon's pigeon supplies shop which is well worth a visit.  Racing lofts at Sheldon's home provide the ideal conditions to exercise, train and clock-in winner after winner, with unique set-ups that again have to be seen to be appreciated.  Luckily, Pigeon King can provide a deeper insight into this amazing partnership and their superlative pigeons, since we were fortunate enough to be able to film the team in February 2018, as they readied themselves for what will surely be another remarkable year!  'Irish Gold' DVD will be released in April 2018. See our DVD page in April to order, or contact us on the Hotline number above.