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Les has an impressive loft set-up including state-of-the-art Habru traps and aviaries, and comfortably has room for up to 350 pigeons although considerably less are housed. Consistent endeavour over many years has ensured Les continues to be a formidable champion in the sport, both in partnership and now, once more, in his own right.

Les Green's achievements in 'the pigeon game' are literally the stuff of legends.  Les is well-renowned across the UK for his outstanding racing and auctioneering skills and still further afield in Europe and Asia where he has sold top quality pigeons for many years.  He has built solid and lasting relationships with a multitude of top flyers in many different countries including Holland, Belgium, India and China.  Les is also a keen newcomer to One Loft Racing and has recently added 'film star and co-director' to his growing list of skills and achievements.  He works closely with Pigeon King and Olympus Productions, and is the long-awaited subject of their 3-part DVD series 'Les Green Unplugged - Season by Season'  See the promotional clip (left) and our DVD pagefor details.

Les Green - Legend, Champion and Pigeon King