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Graham Walker has been fortunate enough to meet many famous 'celebrity' fanciers from all over the globe and found it heart warming that all these people, rich or poor, have one thing in common - their love for little bundles of feathers weighing no more than a few ounces - our universal friend, the racing pigeon!

The Chinese have for over 30 years obtained their bloodstock mainly from Belgium and Holland but recently, since 2009, have sought out the best of pigeons from the UK also.  UK fanciers such as Les Green, Alistair Hogg, Premier Stud, Graham Walker, Geoff & Catherine Cooper, among others, have made the journey over to the Langfang CIPEX event which is held every November in Beijing.  The event is one of the largest 'showcase' dates on the Chinese racing pigeon calendar and attracts thousands of fanciers from all over the country.

China is a hotbed of One Loft Races, with many fanciers only breeding pigeons for these events which are organised by over 300 One Loft locations spread across the country.  Betting is a massive part of Chinese culture and the racing pigeon offers much opportunity to gamble a little, or a lot, generating huge 'cash' prizes running into millions of Euros.

In 2010, along with a group of European fanciers on a trip to Beijing, China organised by the family Herbots, Graham Walker made the first of three visits to this far-off 'pigeon mad' country.

One important thing has occurred to Graham in that, although there exist many many great pigeon fanciers all over Europe, there are just as many 'hobby' and less successful fanciers too.  He firmly believes the standard of UK fancier to be just as good as that of their European counterparts and that world class fanciers are not unique to Europe...UK flyers could hold their own against the best in many countries around the world!

Lofts visited are too numerous to mention but during these visits Graham has handled countless      top provisional and national per-forming pigeons, the experience of which has instilled in his mind the blueprint for pigeon excellence.  Although good pigeons do come in all shapes and sizes, a 'standard' type and shape has been found which predominates in all the different UK and international winners handled.  This under-standing has been incredibly valuable in Graham's own stock selection and has collected dividends by way of countless provable top results. 

It all started in 2001 when Graham joined a coach party of fanciers from Wolverhampton on a trip to Belgium organised by John and Jason Hulse.  This was the catalyst for many subsequent visits, both with other fanciers and, in more recent years, on solo targeted trips to select top European flyers.

Ceremony at CIPEX - 2010

Graham with Johan De Belser - 2009

Graham with Walter Docx - 2008

Graham with Walter Docx - 2009

Olympus Lofts tradestand in Langfang - 2012

Over the past 20 years Europe has been a regular destination for Graham Walker, visiting top fanciers in Belgium, Holland and Germany.

A Chinese Banquet

European Experiences

Presenting Euromasters  - Johan De Belser

  Presenting Euromasters  - Thorston Daum

Presenting Euromasters  - Jelle Roziers

Jan & Frederick Heeres - 2012

Eijerkamp - 2012

Luc Houben's trophy cabinet - 2012

CIPEX exhibition centre in Langfang - 2010

The British Homing World  write up

Simply the Best  translated into Mandarin

Mr Guo's rooftop lofts in Beijing - 2012

Graham with Mr Guo in Langfang - 2012

Graham with Leo Heremans and daughter - 2012