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Directly above and right - Graham's entry for Olympus Lofts in the Chinese translation of the PIPA book. 

We offer impartial, confidential no-nonsense advice from an experienced source with the knowledge and expertise to help you if you are struggling to achieve your ambitions. 


Extended visit (over 2 hours) - price on application

  • Loft construction
  • Selecting pigeons for breeding
  • Feeding systems
  • Medication and supplements
  • Getting your pigeons race fit
  • ​The widowhood system

What we offer


£200 plus expenses*

Why use a consultant?

helping  good racers to be the best

If you will require a written summary of our advice, please let us know when you get in touch. This service is offered free of charge, providing we know well in advance that you require it.

Had it not been for the four bird limit, it can be seen by the clock sheet that Graham would have had 12 pigeons in the top twenty of the Federation.

This happened on many occasions proving the strength of his team performances.

1 hour visit

(for example, for fanciers wanting advice on a specific topic) 

                                                                                 CARD HOTLINE 07772 686281             cheques payable to Mr G Walker post to28 Kype View, Strathaven, Lanarkshire ML10 6BX

We offer complete confidentiality - we will not inform anyone that we have visited, or tell them what advice we have given you. Any feedback you give us on our service will be kept anonymous. 

Written information

More about our consultant

For more details on Graham Walker, his history and achievements, click here  

£125 plus expenses*

 Below and centre - some of Graham's race results.

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2 hour visit

(for example, for fanciers wanting general advice in several areas of the sport) 

Travel expenses will be charged at 45p per mile, round trip.

Reasonable charges for an overnight stay may be incurred for fanciers who live a considerable distance from our offices in Manchester/Warrington. Please contact us for a quote if you feel this may be the case.  


Graham Walker has been a pigeon fancier for over 35 years and has travelled extensively across Europe and Asia, meeting some of the world's best fanciers and handling countless champion pigeons. In addition, he has an impressive track record of wins, both in partnership and flying solo. He now offers his experience, knowledge and expertise to all fanciers who wish to improve and achieve. In addition, his no-nonsense, professional and discreet approach makes him the perfect consultant to help you attain the results you've always wanted.

    Inspiring You To Success

We can give you help and advice on topics such as:

We offer you advice specifically tailored to you, your circumstances and your pigeons.

general enquiries 07450 217490 

email info.pigeonking@gmail.com        

As a novice fancier or new starter it can be very difficult to find the right advice to set you on the path to winning ways. Even as a seasoned veteran, finding out the best ways to tweak your system can be challenging. Very often you may ask for advice from 'Tom, Dick and Harry' at your local Club on a specific subject and get three different versions. Which do you choose? Can you be sure the advice is right for you, your circumstances and your birds?

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