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The lofts originated with Josef Schlomer in the 1950s, housing such lines as Huyskens-van Riel and the Janssen brothers (from Blauwe 48).  In the 1990s Schlomer Lofts had much success over long distances with pigeons from Maurice Delbar's legendary 'Hengst' and descendents of that amazing coupling of Delbar and Marcel Braakhuis birds; 744 X 664.  One of the children brought more than 10 prizes into the Schlomer Loft.

Today the father and son team of Josef and Rolf look after a modest loft with 16 pairs.  Only the best prize-winning pigeons have been allowed to remain, including the great-grandchildren of Lady Barcelona.  There are also descendants of the 'Black Power' line (1st National Perpignan, 2004, 1st International Barcelona 2007, among others).  Latterly, pigeons from renowned Belgian long-distance racer, Emiela Denys have been introduced.

With such stellar performances over long-distances it is no wonder that the 5-star, proven supplement range that Schlomer Lofts is selling is so popular among fanciers across Europe who want to achieve similar success and renown!

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'Barcelona Star' has been one of the Schlomer's best modern successes, representing Germany in 2001 in the Olympics at South Africa (category: Sport/Long distance) and achieving success in her own right from both Barcelona and Marseille.  She is also an excellent breeder, with 'Sky' achieving the title of Olympic Pigeon of 2011 in Poland, 1st Regional, 7th National Tarbes in 2008, 5th National Pau in 2010 among other prize performances. 

Lady Barcelona, a beautiful hen with a ring number ending 480 shot Schlomer Lofts to fame in 1984 when she achieved 1st National from Barcelona (1130km), as well as 2nd and 18th International prizes against 13,033 pigeons.  She achieved a total of 36 prizes.  Three years later she won 1st International prize in Barcelona against 18,076 pigeons.  She also gained the title 'Golden Female Pigeon of Barcelona'.  Soon after she became a magnificent breeder, with her grand-children and great-grandchildren also succeeding over long distance routes, and in German racing as a whole.  Many prize-winning pigeons have emerged from her lineage.

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Schlomer Lofts, Germany - 'the world-renowned pigeon-house of Lady Barcelona'